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Recovery Ally Training – Launched Spring 2019

The Recovery Ally Training was developed by the Center for Students in Recovery as another way to support students in recovery on the UT Austin campus. This training started its pilot phase in Fall 2018 with the goal to help equip students, faculty and staff with additional skills to interact with students in recovery or with a substance use disorder. During the Recovery Ally Training, a participant will be able to:

These learning objectives will be accomplished through role-playing and small group interactions during the Full Training (90 minutes). A short version of the training (50 minutes) is also available for classrooms, but does not include role-playing or small group activities.

Other objectives of this training are to reduce stigma toward people with substance use disorders or in recovery, and to increase awareness about the millions of individuals living in healthy recovery across the country. You can help make campus a more recovery-friendly place.

In Fall 2018 we delivered 3 pilot workshops: the first was to a group of 150 Signature Course students, the second was to a group of 25 staff and faculty members, and the third was to a Counseling and Mental Health Center Peer Educator cohort. Feedback from the pilot phase was used to refine and finalize the training materials in preparation for our official Spring 2019 launch. We are ready to accommodate training requests, we will be holding trainings at the Center for Students in Recovery and will hold our first Training of Trainers toward the end of the Spring Semester. Please read on for details.

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We will do our best to accommodate your requested date and time, but due to the limited availability of trainers during this early phase, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate all requests. Request a training.

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